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The Blasted Lands were twisted by the magic that brought the Dark Portal into being. The land hosts few inhabitants and no significant settlements. Magic that leaked through the Dark Portal warped the Blasted Lands, leaving an infertile landscape.

There is but one usable road in the Blasted Lands, guarded at the north by Nethergarde Keep. They have the unenviable task of watching the Dark Portal, guarding the rest of the continent from demons in the south and protecting themselves from the ogre tribes that roam the desert.



Blasted Lands Map

Nethergarde Keep The Tainted Scar Dreadmaul Post Rise of the Defiler
Altar of Storms Dreadmaul Hold The Dark Portal Serpent's Coil
Nethergarde Armory

Travel Hubs

Alliance Nethergarde Keep

Adjacent regions

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Swamp of Sorrows Horde Alliance 35-45 North By foot only

+25 Stat Potions

  • These quests you can get from two elves standing just inside the border of the Blasted Lands.
  • Each item rewards a +25 stat bonus to Intellect, Stamina, Strength, Agility, or Spirit.
  • Each potion is unique so you can only carry one of each kind at a time.
  • The quests are repeatable but you'll only get experience for the first initial quest. The first quest grants an immediate 60 min buff in addition to the potion; the subsequent quests only give a potion. So make sure you plan it out, it can be quite useful.

Stat Item Initial Quest
Repeatable Quest
+25 Intellect Cerebral Cortex Compound Quest:The Basilisk's Bite
Quest:Infallible Mind
10 Basilisk Brain
2 Vulture Gizzard
+25 Stamina Lung Juice Cocktail Quest:A Boar's Vitality
Quest:Spirit of the Boar
3 Blasted Boar Lung
2 Scorpok Pincer
1 Basilisk Brain
+25 Strength R.O.I.D.S. Quest:Snickerfang Jowls
Quest:Rage of Ages
3 Snickerfang Jowl
2 Blasted Boar Lung
1 Scorpok Pincer
+25 Agility Ground Scorpok Assay Quest:Salt of the Scorpok
Quest:The Decisive Striker
3 Scorpok Pincer
2 Vulture Gizzard
1 Blasted Boar Lung
+25 Spirit Gizzard Gum Quest:Vulture's Vigor
Quest:Spiritual Domination
10 Vulture Gizzard
2 Snickerfang Jowl
Subzones of Blasted Lands

Map of Blasted Lands

Altar of Storms · The Dark Portal · Dreadmaul Hold · Dreadmaul Post · Garrison Armory · Nethergarde Keep · Rise of the Defiler · Serpent's Coil · The Tainted Scar