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Bloodvenom Post

Bloodvenom Post

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is a tiny Horde outpost in Felwood near the Bloodvenom River. It sits on the cliffs overlooking Darkshore and consists of only a single hut (an inn) with a mailbox, a wind rider master, a few guards, and several NPCs.

To find the post, follow the Bloodvenom River west along the south side, starting from the main stone path that runs north and south through Felwood. You will notice a dark trail — simply follow it around the hillside to reach the outpost.


  • Mailbox

The useful NPCs here consist of:

  • IconSmall Tauren Male.gifHorde Altsoba Ragetotem <Weapon Merchant>
  • IconSmall Tauren Male.gifHorde Bale <General Goods>
  • IconSmall Orc Male.gifHorde Brakkar <Wind Rider Master>
  • IconSmall Orc Female.gifHorde Dreka'Sur a quest giver
  • IconSmall Orc Male.gifHorde Trull Failbane a quest giver
  • IconSmall Undead Female.gifHorde Winna Hazzard a quest giver

Travel Connections


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Neutral 15.png Moonglade
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Getting There

The instructions below assume you are located at the Felwood entrance from Ashenvale.

  1. Follow the road all way north, till you reach Bloodvenom Falls. Bloodvenom Falls is an area with a small green (toxic) pond in the middle of Felwood.
  2. Follow the stream from the pond west. If you are lagging or have stutter performance on your computer, be extremely careful. The end of the stream is a waterfall and an overstep can land you in Darkshore. There is no way back up if you fall, except a long trip of walking back.
  3. Before the you reach the end of the stream, there is a slope south up to Bloodvenom Post.

Useful Items from Vendors

Recipe:Monster Omelette 1g 20s, and two recipes using Bear Flank 1g 80s from Bale, General Goods


Horde Horde
Quest:Well of Corruption
Collect a sample of corrupted water from the Jadefire Satyrs' moonwell and bring it to Winna Hazzard at Bloodvenom Post.
Quest:Corrupted Sabers
Take Winna's kitten to the corrupted moonwell, release it, then bring it back to Winna. Once you have returned to Winna, click on the cat to release it to Winna.
Quest:Wild Guardians (1)
Trull Failbane in Felwood wants you to kill 15 Raging Owlbeasts and 15 Ragged Owlbeasts.
Quest:Wild Guardians (2)
Trull Failbane in Felwood wants you to hunt 13 Moontouched Owlbeasts.
Quest:Wild Guardians (3)
Trull Failbane in Felwood wants you to hunt 10 Berserk Owlbeasts in Winterspring.

Subzones of Felwood

Map of Felwood

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