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Boars (aka wild boars) are a common, usually furry, cloven-hoofed, four-legged beast that is the wild ancestor of the domesticated pig.

Most boars are neutral when approached and are generally omnivorous. They start at around large dog-sized and get larger from there. Some boars are minions of the quilboars. Boars are found in Dun Morogh, Loch Modan, Elwynn Forest, Redridge Mountains, Durotar, Mulgore, Blasted Lands, Razorfen Kraul, Razorfen Downs, Westfall, Eastern Plaguelands, and Teldrassil.

Additional notes:

  • Often killed early on for their food ingredient drops.
  • There are three types of armored boar (the Agam'ars) that dwell in Razorfen Kraul; despite appearances, they are tamable by hunters.
  • There are also undead and demon variety of boars, but these are not tamable. However, the Plagued Swine of the Eastern Plaguelands looks undead, but is a beast.


As a Hunter Pet

Damage Armor Health
+5% +5% +5%
The Boar eats
INV Misc Food 11.png  INV Misc Food 04.png  INV Misc Fish 24.png  INV Misc Food 19.png  INV Mushroom 11.png  INV Misc Food 18.png 
The Boar comes with
Ability Druid FerociousBite.png  INV Weapon Shortblade 28.png 
The Boar can learn
Ability Druid Dash.png  Ability Hunter Pet Turtle.png  Spell Nature ShamanRage.png  Ability Druid DemoralizingRoar.png  Spell Nature Reincarnation.png  Ability GolemThunderClap.png 

Boars are very easy to feed, a feature that appeals to some hunters.