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The Bulwark

The Bulwark is the Forsaken's last bastion of defense against the main forces of the Scourge. It lies in southeastern Tirisfal Glades, and forms the border with the Western Plaguelands beyond. The Argent Dawn and Forsaken defenders on the Bulwark have teamed up to protect the land from the hordes of undead to the east, and send experienced adventurers of the Horde to battle the minions of the Lich King.

Unlike the rest of Tirisfal Glades, this area is filled with plaguemist and the sky is tinted the same yellowish-gray color as in the Western Plaguelands.

It is the first Argent Dawn establishment many will see — the Alliance counterpart is Chillwind Camp which lies on the border with the Alterac Mountains.


  • Neutral IconSmall Troll Female.gif Argent Quartermaster Hasana <The Argent Dawn>
  • Horde IconSmall Orc Male.gif Werg Thickblade <Leatherworking Supplies>


The Argent Dawn NPCs are neutral and there is a bit of distance between them and the nearest Horde NPCs, so it looks like the Alliance can walk in from the north and talk to them. However, for a low level Alliance character, the guards aggro as soon as you step within the palisade and chase you off.

Subzones of Tirisfal Glades

Map of Tirisfal Glades

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