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Dun Modr

Dun Modr is a fortified middle-sized dwarven town that sits along the road just south of Thandol Span. It is occupied by Dark Iron dwarves. They claim the fallen dwarven city, as their own.

While dwarven soldiers gave their lives in far off territories in the name of the Alliance, the dwarven lands fell prey to the evil deeds of the Dark Iron dwarves. They laid waste to the Thandol Span, and southern Dun Modr fell soon after.[1]

There are some quests that can be taken from the outskirts of Dun Modr that involve killing the Dark Irons. Other quests involve the guardpost at the center of the Span (the entrances on either side of the span), and just over the Span into Arathi Highlands to the east of the Span. It is believed the Dark Irons are led by powerful warlock, Balgaras the Foul.


  1. Quest:The Dark Iron War
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