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Dun Morogh is a region located between the magma-strewn wasteland of the Searing Gorge to the south, the gentle ridges of Loch Modan to the east, and the swampy Wetlands to the north. Dun Morogh is home to both the gnomes and the dwarves, and is the location of the major city of Ironforge. The Khaz Mountains surround Dun Morogh on all sides, making it accessible only by certain passes that are currently watched over by dwarven troops.

The center of dwarven culture and ingenuity, Dun Morogh holds the capital of Ironforge. The region is snow swept and forested, with gray, craggy mountains and slinking wolves. Troggs recently overran Gnomeregan, the Ironforge gnomes’ former capital, and drove its citizens to Ironforge. Frostmane trolls menace dwarven patrols. Several villages and towns dot the landscape; and though the trade routes can be perilous, dwarven marksmen and warriors keep their settlements safe.


Dun Morogh is covered with forest and craggy mountains. Snowfall is common, and a white blanket constantly covers the ground. Wolves stalk the forest, and troggs and Frostmane trolls find many ambush spots. Bears live in the dens that are riddled into the mountainside.

Dun Morogh is the starting area for the dwarves and gnomes, and contains a sheltered 1-5 leveling area, Coldridge Valley. The dwarven city, Ironforge, can also be found in this zone, and is one of the major Alliance trade and travel hubs.


Map of Dun Morogh

Amberstill RanchAnvilmarBrewnall VillageChill Breeze ValleyColdridge PassColdridge ValleyFrostmane HoldGates of IronforgeGnomereganGol'Bolar QuarryGol'Bolar Quarry MineGrizzled DenHelm's Bed LakeIceflow LakeIronband's CompoundKharanosMisty Pine RefugeNorth Gate OutpostNorth Gate PassShimmer RidgeSouth Gate OutpostSouth Gate PassSteelgrill's DepotThunderbrew DistilleryTundrid Hills


Level Range Group Size Approximate Run Time
24-33 5-man 2 to 4 hours


The only flight path in Dun Morogh is in Ironforge. Ironforge is one of the busiest travel hubs for the Alliance, since it is situated near the center of the continent and is also a capital city and a center for trade.

Neighboring zones

  • Loch Modan (L10-25): Considered an Alliance zone. Located east of Dun Morogh, it can be accessed by foot through either North Gate Pass or South Gate Pass, or by flight from Ironforge.
  • Wetlands (L20-30): Predominantly Alliance, considered a Contested zone. Located north of Dun Morogh, it can be accessed by foot from the airport or by flight from Ironforge.

Key characters

  • Grelin Whitebeard
  • Rejold Barleybrew
  • Senir Whitebeard



  • Dun Morogh is the only area which has an airport, although it is not accessible by normal means.
  • Though it is on the zone's map, there is no actual path to Brewnall Village.


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Subzones of Dun Morogh

Map of Dun Morogh

Amberstill Ranch · Anvilmar · Brewnall Village · Chill Breeze Valley · Coldridge Pass · Coldridge Valley · Frostmane Hold · Gates of Ironforge · Gnomeregan · Gol'Bolar Quarry · Gol'Bolar Quarry Mine · The Grizzled Den · Helm's Bed Lake · Iceflow Lake · Ironband's Compound · Ironforge · Kharanos · Misty Pine Refuge · North Gate Outpost · North Gate Pass · Shimmer Ridge · South Gate Outpost · South Gate Pass · Steelgrill's Depot · Thunderbrew Distillery · The Tundrid Hills

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