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Dungeons are grand in scale and are specifically designed for more epic encounters. All these locations have common areas where players can meet up and fight together. But, deeper in the dungeons are areas set up specifically for more private group (or sometimes guild) adventures. These areas, called "instanced zones," allow groups to have a more personal experience, exploring, adventuring, or completing quests in their own private dungeon. Players also have the ability to invite others into their instanced zone to join them. The monsters in instanced zones are typically more powerful, so groups of players will have to work together to defeat them.


Name Level range Group size Zone
Blackfathom Depths 20-35 10 Ashenvale
Blackrock Depths 48-60 5 Burning Steppes/Searing Gorge
Blackrock Spire 52-60 10 Burning Steppes/Searing Gorge
Deadmines 15-28 10 Westfall
Dire Maul 54-60 5 Feralas
Gnomeregan 24-40 10 Dun Morogh
Maraudon 45-58 10 Desolace
Ragefire Chasm 13-22 10 Orgrimmar
Razorfen Downs 33-47 10 The Barrens
Razorfen Kraul 24-40 10 The Barrens
The Scarlet Monastery 29-45 10 Tirisfal Glades
Scholomance 56-60 5 Western Plaguelands
Shadowfang Keep 18-32 10 Shadowpine Forest
The Stockades 22-30 10 Stormwind
Stratholme 56-60 5 Eastern Plaguelands
The Sunken Temple 44-60 10 Swamp of Sorrows
Uldaman 35-52 10 The Badlands
Wailing Caverns 15-28 10 The Barrens
Zul'Farrak 43-54 10 Tanaris