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Field of Giants

Covering much of the southernmost portion of the Barrens, the Field of Giants lies between Camp Taurajo and the entrance to Dustwallow Marsh. Numerous herds of thunder lizards, kodo, and other varieties of Kalimdorean megafauna roam this land. The plains are straddled by the southern leg of the Gold Road which is less well defended than the northern reaches — the watchtowers that were built to guard it appear to have been abandoned.

In the Southern Barrens, near the Thousand Needles, spreads an open plain where termites have constructed hundreds of mounds, some towering more than 60 feet tall. The tops of these spires are popular perches for lions that keep watch over the surrounding terrain and prey upon those passing below. The misshapen mud pinnacles take the vague form of giants, hence the name. Centaur consider this a holy place, with tribes making regular journeys to leave totems upon the field. A popular sport among young tauren involves stealing centaur offerings and even leaving insulting icons in their place.Template:Cite

The Horde has not forsaken this tract entirely however — the wise shaman Brine has made her home on a ridge on the southern borders of the Field, while Gann Stonespire seeks to avenge his tribe, who were driven out of their village when the dwarves started digging for titan ruins in the land adjacent to their village, which is now Bael Modan.

The main concern to those with interests in the region is the recent appearance of silithid hives — the northernmost in all Kalimdor. The troll Korran of the Crossroads and tauren Ruga Ragetotem of Camp Taurajo[1] has been tasking Horde adventurers with investigating this incursion.


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Map of The Barrens

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