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Lakeshire is a town that sits on the banks of Lake Everstill. Citizens — mostly farmers, poachers, and travelers — reside there under the eye of elected Magistrate Solomon. Even with the occasional incursions by the orcs, it is a prime example of how peaceful this area was before the coming of the Horde and the Great Wars.

Like Westfall and Duskwood, Redridge Mountains is also under the theoretical protection of the Stormwind army and, like them, has been left mostly to their own devices. However, there is a small guard platoon situated there and the area is still relatively quiet. Stonewatch Keep has been overrun by orcs that sometimes stage small raids into the city.

Travel Connections


Alliance Stormwind City
Alliance Darkshire
Alliance Sentinel Hill
Alliance Morgan's Vigil

Lakeshire NPCs


  • IconSmall Dwarf Male.gifAlliance Dorin Songblade (level 22): Armorer
  • IconSmall Human Female.gifAlliance Kara Adams (level 25): Shield Crafter
  • IconSmall Human Female.gifAlliance Ariena Stormfeather (level 65 elite): Gryphon Master
  • IconSmall Human Female.gifAlliance Karen Taylor (level 22): Blacksmithing & Mining Supplies
  • IconSmall Human Female.gifAlliance Amy Davenport (level 20): Tradeswoman
  • IconSmall Human Female.gifAlliance Lindsay Ashlock (level 20): General Supplies
  • IconSmall Human Male.gifAlliance Vernon Hale (level 10): Fishing Supplies
  • IconSmall Human Male.gifAlliance Gerald Crawley (level 25): Poison Supplies
  • IconSmall Human Male.gifAlliance Henry Chapal (level 25): Gunsmith
  • IconSmall Human Female.gifAlliance Gretchen Vogel (level 20): Waitress
  • IconSmall Human Male.gifAlliance Lamar Veisilli (level 25): Fruit Seller
  • IconSmall Human Female.gifAlliance Penny (level 30): Stable Master
  • IconSmall Human Female.gifAlliance Penny (level 20): Fletcher
  • IconSmall Human Female.gifAlliance Innkeeper Brianna (level 30): Innkeeper
  • IconSmall Human Male.gifAlliance Bartender Wental (level 21): Food & Drink
  • IconSmall Human Female.gifAlliance Gloria Femmel (level 20): Cooking Supplies
  • IconSmall Human Male.gifAlliance Sherman Femmel (level 21): Butcher
  • IconSmall Human Male.gifAlliance Franklin Hamar (level 26): Tailoring Supplies


  • IconSmall Human Male.gifAlliance Matthew Hooper (level 10): Fishing Trainer
  • IconSmall Human Female.gifAlliance Crystal Boughman (level 22): Cooking Trainer
  • IconSmall Human Female.gifAlliance Alma Jainrose (level 20): Herbalism Trainer


  • IconSmall Human Male.gifAlliance Deputy Feldon (level 33)
  • IconSmall Human Male.gifAlliance Guard Howe (level 30)
  • IconSmall Human Male.gifAlliance Guard Pearce (level 35)
  • IconSmall Human Female.gifAlliance Guard Hiett (level 35)
  • IconSmall Human Male.gifAlliance Guard Ashlock (level 35)
  • IconSmall Human Male.gifAlliance Marshal Marris (level 35)
  • IconSmall Human Female.gifAlliance Guard Clarke (level 35)
  • IconSmall Human Female.gifAlliance Guard Adams (level 35)
  • IconSmall Human Male.gifAlliance Guard Berton (level 33)
  • IconSmall Human Male.gifAlliance Bailiff Conacher (level 30)


  • IconSmall Human Male.gifAlliance Magistrate Solomon (level 36)
  • IconSmall Human Male.gifAlliance Foreman Oslow (level 20)
  • IconSmall Human Male.gifAlliance Verner Osgood (level 25)
  • IconSmall NightElf Male.gifAlliance Arantir (level 45 elite)
  • IconSmall Dwarf Male.gifAlliance Lucius (level 20)
  • IconSmall Human Male.gifAlliance Dockmaster Baren (level 20)
  • IconSmall Human Male.gifAlliance Zem Leeward (level 25)
  • IconSmall Human Female.gifAlliance Darcy (level 15)
  • IconSmall Human Male.gifAlliance Barkeep Daniels (level 21)
  • IconSmall Human Male.gifAlliance Wiley the Black (level 26)
  • IconSmall Dwarf Male.gifAlliance Yorus Barleybrew (level 24)
  • IconSmall Human Female.gifAlliance Chef Breanna (level 19)
  • IconSmall Human Female.gifAlliance Martie Jainrose (level 20)
  • IconSmall Human Boy.gif Nathan (level 5)
  • IconSmall Human Girl.gif Rachel (level 3)
  • IconSmall Human Girl.gif Madison (level 5)
  • IconSmall Human Boy.gif Shawn (level 1)
  • IconSmall Human Girl.gif Hilary (level 1)
  • IconSmall Human Boy.gif Jamin (level 1)
  • IconSmall Human Boy.gif Roger (level 1)
  • IconSmall Human Girl.gif Erin (level 5)
  • IconSmall Human Girl.gif Hannah (level 5)
Subzones of Redridge Mountains

Map of Redridge Mountains

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