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Leather can mean a couple of things in World of Warcraft: Classic:

  1. A type of ingredient usually gathered with the Skinning profession from a skinnable corpse, typically a beast or dragonkin. These items can usually be used directly by the Leatherworking profession without prior processing or treatment. Leatherworkers can also combine lighter leathers into heavier ones, even combining ruined leather scraps into usable leathers. Leather is closely related to hides, although hides are rarer and must often be prepared for use.
  2. A type of armor used by the less fragile, but more agile classes. Generally better than Cloth armor for defense.


  • Ruined Leather Scraps
  • Light Leather (with recipe, made from 3 Ruined Leather Scraps)
  • Medium Leather (with recipe, made from 4 Light Leathers)
  • Heavy Leather (with recipe, made from 5 Medium Leathers)
  • Thick Leather (with recipe, made from 6 Heavy Leathers)
  • Rugged Leather (with recipe, made from 6 Thick Leathers)


  • Enchanted Leather - Created by Enchanters from Rugged Leather
  • Core Leather - Skinned from the Core Hounds in the Molten Core


  • Thin Kodo Leather - Dropped by Kodos
  • Chimera Leather - Dropped by Chimaeras
  • Devilsaur Leather - Dropped by Devilsaurs
  • Frostsaber Leather - Dropped by Frostsabers
  • Warbear Leather - Dropped by high-level Bears
  • Primal Bat Leather - Dropped by high-level Bats in Zul'Gurub
  • Primal Tiger Leather - Dropped by high-level Tigers in Zul'Gurub