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The green, verdant plains of Mulgore are home to the noble Tauren. Their ancestral homeland is nestled in the foothills of the Stonetalon Mountains to the north and protected by a natural wall of mountains on all sides. The only pass through these mountains leads into the Barrens to the east.

Mulgore provides bounty for the hunt, as a diversity of wild beasts roam the rolling plains and climb the foothills of the surrounding range. In the northern section of Mulgore, the mesas of Thunder Bluff tower above the plains, casting long shadows. Bloodhoof Village is centrally located surrounded by the clear waters of Stonebull Lake, and further south on the protected cliffs of Red Cloud Mesa, Camp Narache stands as the principal training camp for all young tauren.


Mulgore is a sheltered and pastoral valley surrounded by mountains on all sides, and accessible only through a pass to the southeast. Resembling a huge pasture, the area is covered with verdant green grass and few trees. An oddity of the landscape, the tall cliffs of Thunder Bluff tower over the fields in the center of the zone.

It is possible for non-Tauren to explore Red Cloud Mesa without actually running all the way up. By hugging the cliff below, the area will appear on the map.

Despite the serene landscape and the pine-scented breeze, Mulgore is fraught with trouble. Brambleblade Ravine and the sacred Red Rocks are overrun by quilboars. The goblin-run Venture Company infests the three sacred water wells of Mulgore as well as their Venture Co. Mine in the eastern mountain face. The Windfury harpy tribe lay claim to the extreme northern reaches of Mulgore and the southeast mountain face. The Alliance makes its presence known at the Bael'dun Digsite, where dwarves scour the mountains for traces of their shrouded ancestry, and a tribe of gnolls known as the Palemane make their home at the cave called Palemane Rock as well as scattered camp along the southern mountains.


Map of Mulgore

Bael'dun DigsiteBloodhoof VillageBrambleblade RavineCamp NaracheGolden PlainsKodo RockPalemane RockRavaged CaravanRed Cloud MesaRed RocksRolling PlainsStonebull LakeThunderhorn Water WellVenture Co. MineWildmane Water WellWindfury RidgeWinterhoof Water Well


Thunder Bluff has the only travel accommodation, consisting of a flight path.

Neighboring zones

  • The Barrens (L10-28): Predominantly Horde, considered a Contested zone. Located east of Mulgore, it can be accessed by either foot or by flight path from Thunder Bluff.

Key characters

  • Chief Hawkwind
  • Mull Thunderhorn
  • Morin Cloudstalker
  • Baine Bloodhoof



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Subzones of Mulgore

Map of Mulgore

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