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Nethergarde Keep

Nethergarde Keep is a heavily defended Alliance town located in the Blasted Lands. The stronghold is home to about 300 members of the Alliance. Although technically it is a castle like Northwatch Hold in the Barrens, none of the guards are PvP-enabled except the Flight Master and a few questgivers.


  • 2 Barracks/Keeps
  • 1 Stable
  • 1 Mage Tower
  • 1 Blacksmith

Travel Connections


Alliance Stormwind City
Alliance Darkshire
Alliance Morgan's Vigil



  • Bernie Heisten <Food & Drink Merchant>
  • Strumner Flintheel <Armor Crafter>
  • Nina Lightbrew <Alchemy Supplies>
  • Alexandra Constantine <Gryphon Master>

Quest givers

  • Enohar Thunderbrew
  • Watcher Mahar Ba
  • Thadius Grimshade


  • Nethergarde Cleric
  • Nethergarde Analyst
  • Nethergarde Riftwatcher
  • Nethergarde Elite
  • Nethergarde Officer
  • Nethergarde Soldier
Subzones of Blasted Lands

Map of Blasted Lands

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