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The Oracle Glade

The Oracle Glade is a shrine in the northwestern area of Teldrassil. One of the sacred moonwells lies there, as well as the magical Oracle Tree.[1]

Harpies have recently moved into the Oracle Glade, and a foul blight has corrupted the matron of the Teldrassil spiders, Lady Sathrah, who can sometimes be found in the far corners of the glade.


Alliance [10] Sentinel Arynia Cloudsbreak

  • Quest Avail 16x16.pngQuest Complete 16x16.pngA [11] The Enchanted Glade
  • Quest Avail 16x16.pngA [11] Teldrassil
  • Quest Complete 16x16.pngA [12] Mist


  1. Quest:The Enchanted Glade
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