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Rut'theran Village

Rut'theran Village is an outpost port for the night elf city of Darnassus, situated at the very bottom of the great tree Teldrassil. There is a portal here that goes directly into Darnassus, and a pier for a docking boat to Auberdine in Darkshore. There is also a hippogryph roost.

Quest givers

  • Daryn Lightwind - Quest:Return to Troyas, Quest:Starfall, Quest:The Borrower
  • Erelas Ambersky - Quest:Favored of Elune?, Quest:Find Ranshalla, Quest:Moontouched Wildkin, Quest:Wildkin of Elune
  • Nessa Shadowsong - Quest:The Bounty of Teldrassil

Profession trainers

  • Androl Oakhand <Fisherman>


  • Gwenna Firebrew <Drink Vendor>
  • Nessa Shadowsong <Fishing Supplies>
  • Vesprystus <Hippogryph Master>

Travel Connections

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Alliance Darnassus


Alliance Auberdine (free)


Alliance Auberdine
Subzones of Teldrassil

Map of Teldrassil

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