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Shadowglen is the starting area for night elves in the northeast part of Teldrassil, just north of Starbreeze Village. A small twilit field, bathed in a quiet dusk, the area is dominated by the great tree Aldrassil, which lies at the clearing's center. It has class trainers for all night elf classes, although the spells available are capped at level six.

This starting zone is one of the most secure and safe in the game. Attacking Horde will have to pass through Auberdine and Darnassus. Also, unlike the normal level forty Sentinels that guard the towns, Shadowglen Sentinels of the sixtieth level patrol the area, to give the games' newest characters as much protection as possible.

For quests which take place in Shadowglen, see Shadowglen quests

Subzones of Teldrassil

Map of Teldrassil

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