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Silverpine Forest is a wood that runs along Lordaeron's western coast. The land ranges from flat to hilly, nestled among taller mountains. Dilapidated farmsteads and abandoned mines dot the land, home now to the denizens of the woods.

Forsaken control the northern forest and clash with the gnolls. What remains of the human population retains control of the southern forest, but their forces are stretched. Dalaran sends frequent expeditions into Silverpine to defend these people and study the worgen curse — a mysterious affliction that causes its victims to transform into bloodthirsty, lycanthropic worgen when the moon rises. This is the doing of the insane archmage Arugal, who makes his home in the darkened towers of Shadowfang Keep.

Silverpine frequently sees battle, as Alliance from Southshore attack the Sepulcher or enter Shadowfang Keep. It is the edge of the Forsaken homeland, and the southernmost point where effects of the plague can be seen in the plant life. While the effects this far from the Plaguelands are mild, they are still noticeable, especially if entering from Hillsbrad.


Silverpine Forest contains no raids or PvP areas. Shadowfang Keep can be found in this zone. The only travel hub in this area is the Horde-aligned Sepulcher.

Pyrewood Village is home to a group of humans cursed by Arugal - they are doomed at night to transform into worgen. The creatures are level 13-15 elite. When in human form, the villagers are friendly toward Alliance players, though they are still hostile to the Horde. However, once night falls, the humans transform into worgen and attack both sides indiscriminately.


Silverpine Forest map

AmbermillBeren's PerilDawning IslesDead FieldDecrepit FerryDeep Elem MineFenris IsleFenris KeepGreymane WallIvar PatchLordamere LakeMalden's OrchardNorth Tide's HollowNorth Tide's RunOlsen's FarthingPyrewood VillageSepulcherShadowfang KeepShining StrandSkittering DarkSouth Tide's RunValgan's Field


Level Range Approximate Run Time
Shadowfang Keep
18-21 90-160 minutes


The Sepulcher

The only travel hub in Silverpine Forest is the Horde-aligned Sepulcher in the north.

Neighboring zones

  • Alterac Mountains (L30-40): Contested zone. Located east of Silverpine Forest, it can be accessed by swimming across Lordamere Lake.
  • Hillsbrad Foothills (L20-30): Contested zone. Located southeast of Silverpine Forest, it can be accessed by foot or by flight from the Sepulcher.
  • Tirisfal Glades (L1-10): Horde zone. Located north of Silverpine Forest, it can be accessed by foot or by flight from the Sepulcher.

Key characters

  • Apothecary Renferrel
  • Dalar Dawnweaver
  • High Executor Hadrec



  • It is possible to reach the backside of the Greymane Wall via exploiting the terrain. It is, however, quite empty, containing only a few token trees and hills before becoming flat, untextured landscape completely walled in by mountains.


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Subzones of Silverpine Forest

Map of Silverpine Forest

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