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Skinning allows players to gather leather and hides by skinning animals. Leather and hides are used for leatherworking. Leather is also used for some blacksmithing, engineering, and tailoring recipes.

Only certain monsters can be skinned; select its corpse to see if it is skinnable. If the animal is skinnable, it will display "Skinnable," with a color to indicate the difficulty. Skinners can just right-click on the corpse to skin it after it has been looted.

You can increase your skinning over 300 with a skinning enchant, and a few items exist that add to your skinning skill. There are some high level monsters that can be skinned with 300+ skinning to gain certain rare objects like Pristine Hide of the Beast or Onyxia Scales. These can be used in quests or recipes to create more powerful items. High level raids sometimes need a skinner with max skinning. The items skinned can be very valuable to the guild.


Players need to find an NPC who can teach the skinning profession (look for the word "<Skinner>" under the NPC's name). They will likely be somewhere near leatherworking trainers. Ask a guard for directions. then they will need to purchase a skinning knife. Skinning knives can be found at merchants who sell profession-related items. The skinning knife needs to be in the player's bag, but does not need to be equipped in order to skin.



You can also skin hides which can be used in leatherworking. You can skin Light Hides, Medium Hides, Heavy Hides, Thick Hides, Rugged Hides, and various other hides such as Raptor Hides, and Shadowcat Hides. If you find something strange while skinning, look around for its use. You can also check the auction house to see if people are selling them.

Hides will be found more rarely when skinning vs. regular leather.