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Splintertree Post

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Splintertree Post is a Horde outpost in Ashenvale, lying just northwest of Felfire Hill.

Like most Horde outposts, Splintertree is mainly populated by orcs and Tauren, all whom are primarily scouts and guards. There are several quest givers, a heavy armor vendor for repairs, an inn, mailbox, stable master, and a flight path maintained by wind rider flight master Vhulgra.

Travel Connections


Horde Orgrimmar
Horde Zoram'gar Outpost
Horde Valormok
Horde The Crossroads
Neutral 15.png Emerald Sanctuary

Splintertree Post NPCs

Quest givers

  • Senani Thunderheart
  • Mastok Wrilehiss
  • Pixel
  • Kuray'bin
  • Locke Okarr
  • Valusha


  • Burkrum, Heavy Armor (repairs armor)
  • Innkeeper Kaylisk, Food/Drink
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