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Stormwind is the capital city of the humans of the Alliance. The child king, Anduin Wrynn, resides in Stormwind Keep, surrounded by his body guards and advisors, High Lord Bolvar Fordragon (the regent), and Lady Katrana Prestor.


The city of Stormwind stands as the last bastion of human power in Azeroth. Rebuilt after the Second War, Stormwind is a marvel of human design and engineering. Stormwind's guards keep the peace within the city's walls, and its young king, Anduin Wrynn, rules from his mighty keep. The Trade District bustles with trade from across the continent and beyond, while adventurers of every sort can be found wandering the streets of old Town. Unaffected by the ravages of the Scourge in the north, Stormwind still faces its own threats, both from without and within.


A map of stormwind

The city is made up of roughly rectangular districts separated by canals.

  • The Valley of Heroes (area beyond and including the city gate)
  • The Trade District (northwest underneath the inner gates from the Valley of Heroes)
  • Cathedral Square (northwest across the Canals from the Trade District)
  • Old Town (northeast across the Canals from the Trade District)
  • The Mage Quarter (southwest across the Canals from the Trade District)
  • The Park (southwest across the Canals from Cathedral Square)
  • The Dwarven District (northeast across the Canals from Cathedral Square)
  • Deeprun Tram (accessible from the Dwarven District)
  • Stormwind Keep (through the castle gates between Old town and the Dwarven District)
  • The Canals (accessible from all districts of Stormwind)
  • The Stockade (an instance, found in the Canals, just north of the Mage Quarter)

Notable Characters

From his throne in Stormwind Keep, the boy king Anduin Wrynn IV rules with the support of Highlord Bolvar Fordragon and Lady Katrana Prestor. Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth is the officer in charge of the kingdom's fleet. In the Cathedral of Light, Archbishop Benedictus presides over the clergy of Light, and in the Valley of Heroes, General Marcus Jonathan stands sentinel on his horse, flanked by his topmost commanding officers, Major Mattingly and Field Marshal Afrasiabi. Other guild masters include High Sorcerer Andromath and Master Mathias Shaw, in charge of Stormwind wizards and thieves guilds, respectively.

Points of Interest

  • The Bank in the southwestern part of the Trade District.
  • The Gryphon master on the walls of the city, from the southeastern part of the Trade District.
  • The City Hall in the northeastern edge of Cathedral Square.
  • The Royal Library is in Stormwind Keep, down the first left hall and to the right of the atrium park.
  • The Wizard's Sanctum in the Mage Quarter has magical Dimensional Gateway. Also known as the Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences, with the fall of Dalaran, it is the primary center of arcane studies in the world.
  • The Auction House is located in the center of the Trade District.
  • There are several mailboxes in Stormwind. The most popular of them is located between the bank and the inn. Another is placed outside various taverns; one in Old Town, one outside the Blue Recluse in the Mage Quarter, and one outside a nameless tavern in the Park.
  • Interesting fact, each section of the town has at least one tavern, if not more. Unfortunately many of the taverns are devoid of NPCs.

Flight paths


  • Stormwind is the only Alliance capital city that has an instance inside the city area. Very convenient for repairing and selling afterwards.
  • Stormwind contains the officer barracks for the Alliance, and thus access to all the special PVP gear.
  • Clavicus Knavingham has the Stormwind repeatable Runecloth quest used by non-human Alliance players to obtain the right to ride horses.

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