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Talrendis Point is an Alliance outpost located in southwestern Azshara. It is populated mostly by night elves, but also famously houses a friendly Tauren, Loh'atu.

Like Valormok, Talrendis Point is a frontier town and offers only the barest of necessities.

Due to its proximity to the bridge between Azshara and Ashenvale, it is also a good starting place for players who need to quickly reach eastern Ashenvale.


  • IconSmall NightElf Female.gifAlliance Brinna Valanaar <Bowyer>
  • IconSmall NightElf Male.gifAlliance Jarrodenus <Hippogryph Master>
  • IconSmall Tauren Male.gifNeutral Loh'atu
  • IconSmall NightElf Female.gifAlliance Azshara Sentinel
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Map of Azshara

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