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The Tomb of Uther the Lightbringer

Outside Uther's Tomb

What Horde players read.

Uther's Tomb is a monument dedicated to Uther the Lightbringer, at Sorrow Hill in Western Plaguelands.

Uther's body was retrieved by his soldiers and buried in a tomb to the south of the ruins of Andorhal, guarded by defenders of the Alliance. The headstone shows him in a heroic pose, a tome of Light in one hand, his warhammer in the other. The marker stone before it, written in the Common tongue, reads:

Here lies Uther the Lightbringer

First Paladin - Founder of the Order of the Silver Hand.

Uther lived and died to defend the Kingdom of Lordaeron. Though he was betrayed by his most beloved student, we believe that his spirit lives on. He continues to watch over us, even as the shadows close in around our ruined land. His light is the light of all humanity - and so long as we honor his example, it shall never fade.
― Anonymous

High Priest Thel'danis is the caretaker of Uther's Tomb.

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