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Westfall borders the Kingdom of Stormwind, populated by humans not under the Alliance’s complete control. The region was stolen right under the Alliance’s nose by its own people. This land has lain fallow since after the Second War, but is now held by the Defias Brotherhood. Stormwind claims the land, but it has found little time to be concerned with it, with insufficient funds and might to retake the region. A handful of farmers try to keep their land, and some even attempt a tithe to Stormwind, but most only grow enough to feed themselves.

The People's Militia has erected a bastion of military power at Sentinel Hill from where they issue commands to anyone willing to aid the cause.


Westfall is a region of rolling pastures and farms, barren with drought and maltreatment. Fields are infested with carrion birds and rogue harvest watchers. The outlawed Defias Brotherhood possess a large mine with an entrance somewhere in the small town of Moonbrook, and they have connections with kobolds that occupy Jangolode Mine.


Map of Westfall

Alexston FarmsteadThe Dagger HillsThe Dead AcreDemont's PlaceThe Dust PlainsFurlbrow's Pumpkin PatchGold Coast QuarryJangolode MineThe Jansen SteadKlaven's TowerLongshoreThe Molsen FarmMoonbrookSaldean's FarmSentinel HillSentinel TowerStendel's PondWestfall Lighthouse


Level Range Group Size Approximate Run Time
The Deadmines
15-28 5-man 1-2 Hours


Sentinel Hill

The Alliance has access to a flight path at Sentinel Hill.

Neighboring zones

  • Elwynn Forest (L1-12): Alliance zone. Located northeast of Westfall, it can be accessed by foot or by flight path from Sentinel Hill.
  • Duskwood (L20-30): Predominantly Alliance, considered a Contested zone. Located east of Westfall, it can be accessed by flight path from Sentinel Hill.
  • Stranglethorn Vale (L30-45): Contested zone. Located south of Westfall, it can be accessed by swimming southeast along the river, swimming southwest along the coast, or flight path from Sentinel Hill.

Key characters



  • Dropped items in this area and their purpose:
    • Oil: Used for the Lighthouse quest just offshore from the southwest tip of Westfall;
    • Hops: Used for a brewing quest available south of Moonbrook in the Dagger Hills;
    • Goretusk Snout, Murloc Eye, Stringy Vulture Meat: Used for Westfall Stew recipe at Saldean's Farm.
    • Okra: Needed for Westfall Stew quest, but not an actual ingredient in Westfall Stew.
  • In northwestern Westfall, running along the cliff, there is a lone windmill with a tiny shack at its base. It is surrounded by 6-7 Defias mobs, levels 12-13, which respawn immediately upon death. Due to the difficulty (relative to player level) of fighting them, you should probably be level 24 or higher before taking them on. Grinding on these Defias at a high level can be useful for:
    • Grinding or maxing new weapon proficiencies.
    • Farming Linen (about 100 linen in just 5 minutes).
    • Farming for Large Rope Nets that will occasionally drop.


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Subzones of Westfall

Map of Westfall

Alexston Farmstead · The Dagger Hills · The Dead Acre · Demont's Place · The Dust Plains · Furlbrow's Pumpkin Patch  · Gold Coast Quarry · Jangolode Mine · The Jansen Stead  · Klaven's Tower · Longshore · The Molsen Farm · Moonbrook · Moonbrook Schoolhouse · Saldean's Farm · Sentinel Hill · Sentinel Tower · Stendel's Pond · Westfall Lighthouse

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