Winterspring is a valley located in northeastern Kalimdor, east of Felwood and north of Azshara. It is a cold land perpetually covered in snow, and holds the goblin city of Everlook, old night elf holdings, and the traditional homeland of the blue dragonflight. Many wild creatures roam the landscape. However, the southern parts of the region have been completely taken over by demons.

Getting there

The Timbermaw Tunnel

Winterspring can be accessed through Timbermaw Hold. To reach Winterspring, head through the hold entrance in the northeastern tip of Felwood and continue straight after the bridge. In order to pass through the hold without the Timbermaw furbolgs attacking, you will need to have reached at least unfriendly reputation with them. There are several quests in Felwood which can be completed to raise reputation.


Both the Steamwheedle Cartel and the night elves have established bases in the region. There are no instanced dungeons or battlegrounds in Winterspring.

Maps and subregions

Winterspring map

Darkwhisper GorgeDun MandarrEverlookFrostfire Hot Springs
Frostsaber RockFrostwhisper GorgeThe Hidden GroveIce Thistle Hills
Lake Kel'TherilMazthorilMoon Horror DenOwl Wing Thicket
The Ruins of Kel'TherilStarfall VillageTimbermaw HoldTimbermaw Post
Winterfall Village

Elite areas


Travel hubs


Flight paths

Regions adjacent to Winterspring

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Felwood Horde Alliance 50-60 West By foot through Timbermaw Hold or flightpaths from Everlook to Bloodvenom Post or Talonbranch Glade
Azshara Horde Alliance 45-55 Southeast By jumping down with Slow Fall/Parachute Cloak from the small camp east of Frostwhisper Gorge
Moonglade Horde Alliance 50-60 Northwest By foot through Timbermaw Hold or flight paths from Everlook to Shrine of Remulos

Notable characters

Frostsaber Rock

Main article: Winterspring NPCs

Winterspring is home to several characters of note. At the Frostfire Hot Springs, Donova Snowden attempts to find out more about the taint that has affected the local furbolgs. On Frostsaber Rock, Rivern Frostwind enlists aid in providing food and safety for his pets in exchange for the secret to tame them. And high above Mazthoril, the matron protector Haleh sends bold adventurers into the deepest lairs of the black dragonflight in search of draconic artifacts of power.


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Starfall Village

Wild creatures

Darkwhisper Gorge


  • Darkwhisper Gorge occupies a rather large portion of the zone. It holds elite demons of an approximate five-man difficulty.
Subzones of Winterspring

Map of Winterspring

Darkwhisper Gorge · Dun Mandarr · Everlook · Frostfire Hot Springs · Frostsaber Rock · Frostwhisper Gorge · The Hidden Grove · Ice Thistle Hills · Lake Kel'Theril · Mazthoril · Moon Horror Den · Owl Wing Thicket · The Ruins of Kel'Theril · Starfall Village · Timbermaw Hold · Timbermaw Post · Winterfall Village
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