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  • Wool Cloth
  • Item Level 15
    Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Sell Price: 33c

A cheap, soft cloth made from the wool of sheep and similar creatures. Wool Cloth can be found as a drop from any number of low to mid-level humanoids and also from skinning sheep.

As an ingredient

Wool Cloth is used in the following recipes:


  • Coarse Weightstone
  • Heavy Weightstone


  • Bronze Framework
  • Explosive Sheep
  • Ez-Thro Dynamite
  • Heavy Dynamite
  • Inv misc bomb 09.png [Small Bronze Bomb]
  • Target Dummy
  • Whirring Bronze Gizmo

First Aid

  • Wool Bandage
  • Heavy Wool Bandage


  • Bolt of Woolen Cloth

As a Quest Item

Wool Cloth is needed for the following quests:

  • Quest:A Donation of Wool

Places to farm

Humanoid mobs between level 14-36 have wool with drop rates from 17-26 in the 2-8 mobs per wool range with a peak at 20-23 of 1-4 mobs per wool.

  • Lvl. 5 If you have Skinning you can skin sheep for wool. The level 5 ones drop 1 wool every 2-3 sheep.
  • Lvl. 10+: The Barrens: Dropped by Razormanes right on the entrance to The Barrens coming from Durotar.
  • Lvl. 20+: The Barrens: South Barrens north of RFK has several groups of quillboars that have an approx 30% drop rate.
  • Lvl. 13+: Silverpine Forest in Fenris Isle you can find enough Wool to gain some levels.
  • Lvl. 15-18: Ironband's Excavation Site in Loch Modan has a good drop rate. Say every 3rd mob dropping 1-2 Wool.
  • Lvl. 18-23: Ashenvale Both the ruins near the northwestern border have good drop rates.
  • Lvl. 19-22: Wetlands The camp located just outside the Dun Algaz Tunnel[56, 64]
    . The Mosshide Gnolls usually drop 1 wool for every 2 or so killed, and respawn very quickly. Another area[63, 63]
    with Mosshide Gnolls which is pretty secluded.
  • Lvl. 20-23: This is the main level range where Wool drops off Humanoids (1-4 mobs per wool)
    • The Blackrock clan in Redridge Mountains is loaded with wool and has about double the normal drop rate.
  • Lvl. 21-28: The Stockade is a great place for alliance to farm wool
    • Also Shadowhide Gnolls in Redridge starting at 23 have above average drop.
  • Lvl. 23+-25+: The Defias in The Stockade drop 1 wool for each 2 mobs in general which is double the normal rate.